Set up signed (verified) GitHub check-ins from Windows

Preconditions Windows 10 (should work on older versions as well) Git For Windows installed, with Git Bash available. (Instructions here can also be done with Git Console with minor adjustment to syntax.) Read this first (don’t run anything, just read for understanding so that if something goes wrong in the steps below you’ll have a … Read moreSet up signed (verified) GitHub check-ins from Windows

How to Choose the Right Service Bus

How to Choose the Right Enterprise Service Bus Gartner Magic Quadrant: ESB vendors 2012 After reading the above two sources, you might begin to think that the Oracle and IBM SOA solutions are overkill, too expensive, or requires too much vendor lock-in for your needs. If so, read on: Apache Camel (Integration Framework) VS … Read moreHow to Choose the Right Service Bus

Reliable Messaging: Transport ACK vs Application ACK “From a business perspective, a well-designed business solution does not need reliable messaging.” The article demonstrates cases where transport acknowledgements (WS-ReliableMessaging) are insufficient; instead, application acknowledgements (“business-level acknowledgements”) are necessary. In my experience, the distinction is similar to cases in USMTF/VMF messaging applications where lower-level transport acks or even header acks are ignored in favor of more semantically … Read moreReliable Messaging: Transport ACK vs Application ACK

SalesForce Canvas Library for .Net does not directly support CORS or JSONP for cross-origin resource sharing of an IFRAME; instead, they have their own implementation called SalesForce Canvas. Since SalesForce instances (and therefore your IFRAMEd application) must be exposed to the Internet, some validation is required. It involves reading an encoded “signed request” and comparing a hash of it … Read moreSalesForce Canvas Library for .Net