Why Regular Expression “Does Not Exist” Tests are Convoluted

In order to perform a “does not exist” test in a regular expression, you have to leverage negative lookaheads (negative lookarounds), if your flavor of regular expressions supports them: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/406230/regular-expression-to-match-string-not-containing-a-word Although this expression seems to works in RegEx Buddy’s .Net evaluation mode, it actually does NOT in production .Net code (call to RegEx.IsMatch) : C# … Read moreWhy Regular Expression “Does Not Exist” Tests are Convoluted

Configuration for a WCF Client in a DLL

By default, WCF Web Service clients have their binding and endpoint configurations defined by their hosting EXE’s app.config–or web.config if your host is an IIS application. The DLL itself has no control over the config file: the app.config that is created in Visual Studio when you create a Web Service Reference is misleading–the system.serviceModel XML … Read moreConfiguration for a WCF Client in a DLL

Dynamic Rows/SubRows via jQuery

Back in January I started to learn jQuery for more sophisticated client-side interactions. One problem I was researching was a client-side solution for dynamically adding or removing data entry rows within a table without making requests back to the server (even Ajax) just for rendering:Watch movie online John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) Dynamic Rows using … Read moreDynamic Rows/SubRows via jQuery

C#: Read or Write a File in One Line

If buffering and streaming performance aren’t required, here are six examples on how to use System.IO.File to read/write strings, string arrays, and byte arrays from/to a file in just one line without having to loop through blocks or worrying about closing or disposing: using System.IO; … const string inputFilename = @”c:\foo.dat”; string inString = File.ReadAllText(inputFilename); … Read moreC#: Read or Write a File in One Line