IISExpress in Application Server Mode: External + HTTPS

IIS Express can also be run from the command line in “Application Server Mode”. (REF: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/robert_mcmurray/archive/2012/07/03/working-with-the-different-iis-express-modes-and-https.aspx) This option is desirable if you need to run IIS outside of Visual Studio; however, due to a design limitation (flaw?) in the iisexpress.exe command-line, you can’t use the HTTPS protocol, only HTTP. I’ve found a reasonable workaround in PowerShell … Read moreIISExpress in Application Server Mode: External + HTTPS

SalesForce Canvas Library for .Net

https://github.com/short000/salesforce-canvas-dotnet SalesForce.com does not directly support CORS or JSONP for cross-origin resource sharing of an IFRAME; instead, they have their own implementation called SalesForce Canvas. Since SalesForce instances (and therefore your IFRAMEd application) must be exposed to the Internet, some validation is required. It involves reading an encoded “signed request” and comparing a hash of it … Read moreSalesForce Canvas Library for .Net

Asynchronous ADO.Net (BeginExecute/EndExecute)

Problem: we need to run a SQL command for one item synchronously (wait to avoid race condition), but then run it again asynchronously on a second set of items (“fire-and-forget”). We don’t need to wait on results from the second set of items and would also like to avoid timing out in case the second … Read moreAsynchronous ADO.Net (BeginExecute/EndExecute)